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DR. STACY BUDLENDER – Chiropractor at Caulfield Family Chiropractic ®

Dr Stacy Budlender chiropractor at Caulfield Family Chiropractic ® grew up wanting to help people, she graduated from as a Chiropractor from RMIT in 2006.

MICHAEL BUDLENDER – Caulfield Family Chiropractic ®

Michael Budlender graduated as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2002 with a Dip, Health Sci. He has since completed courses in business and marketing. Michael started out his career treating athletes competing at olympic levels and with some AFL teams.

DR. JAKE BRIGHT – Chiropractor at Cauflield Family Chiropractic ®

Dr. Jake graduated as a Chiropractor with distinction, no small feat. Dr. Jake (Family Chiropractor) is the mastermind behind our famous information sheets and popular health workshops. He has transformed the way in which patients are educated on health and his reputation stands firm on his impressive results.

DR. YOAV FISHER – Osteopath in Caulfield Family Chiropractic ®

The osteopath in Caulfield aims to restore the normal function and stability of the joints to help the body heal itself. The osteopath in Caulfield use their hands to treat your body in a variety of ways, using a mixture of gentle and forceful techniques. Techniques are chosen based on the individual patient and the symptoms they have reported.