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A 49 year old Man's chronic pain relief story

January 16, 2018

A Case Study


By Dr Jake Bright - Caulfield Chiropractor


Nobody likes to suffer any longer than they have too.

But I bet, sometimes you feel as though you're FORCED too. 

As if living with pain and tension is inevitable and there isn't a choice. 


Well, it's because there's often so much confusion about WHAT you should actually do about it that you end up doing......NOTHING.


(Procrastination is another word for it...) 

For one, you've likely got the GP telling you to rest and "try these painkillers", and then on the other hand some else will come long and tell you that you should be "doing some exercises". 

They're both so polar opposite that it's tempting to just do nothing for fear of getting it completely wrong and making things even worse. 

And in the mean time whilst you decide what to do for the best, the stubborn pain and tension you are suffering from, remains. 

(Maybe, even worsens.) 

And that isn't nice, nor is it a healthy way to live. 

But there's also another obstacle or road block to getting the right advice that you need, and that's the "fear" of going to see people who just don't understand what you want them to do.  


Meet patient X.


Patient X is a 49 year old male patient with a history of chronic low back pain. The low back pain is associated with referred pain, numbness and tingling down both legs back and neck. Symptoms started approximately 1-2 years earlier with no clear cause.


Earlier the patient had seen a back specialist who stated that surgery would be the only option. Another surgeon suggested a trial of physiotherapy. After months of physiotherapy and pilates with no positive outcome, the patient presented to Caulfield Family Chiropractic, with the hope that chiropractic treatment may help.


On examination by Dr Jake Bright caulfield chiropractor patient X had abnormal movement of the sacro-iliac joints, lower lumbar spine mid thoracic spine and cervical spine. Swelling and tenderness to palpation were noted over the lumbosacral area.


Orthopaedic testing revealed several severe-to-moderate neurological deficits consistent with chronic neurological impingement. Instability testing and tests for discogenic causes all proved positive.


X-ray assessment revealed significant postural changes, a grade 1 spondylolisthesis of L5 on S1 and grade 2-3 degeneration of L5/S1.


This patient began an intensive period of treatment at caulfield family chiropractic over a period of 6 weeks with a progress exam scheduled for the end of that period. After a review at the end of 6 weeks, positive changes were noted. Treatment was then continued for another 8 weeks, with regular neurological assessments to monitor the patient’s signs and symptoms.


After 3 months, the patient reported he’d had more relief of symptoms than he had expected given his diagnosis. 


If you're ready and you'd like to get results like Patient X and finally start looking and feeling much healthier, please call us:


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You'll get to see for yourself why we're A LOT different from all the other options out there - may be even the best one you've got if you're in your 40's and above and you want to end pain and get active again NATURALLY. 

And that would make a HUGE difference right?... 



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