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Dr Stacy Budlender

May 9, 2016


Dr Stacy Budlender graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne in 2006 after completing her five year Chiropractic degree. Dr Stacy Budlender is a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia and the Gonstead Society. Having worked in various clinics around Melbourne before opening her own practice in 2009, Dr Stacy Budlender has completed postgraduate training in paediatrics, as well as regular ongoing seminars and training on the latest research and treatment in chiropractic. Dr Stacy Budlender has special interests in children’s chiropractic and neurological based disorders such as headaches, numbness, pins and needles and muscle weakness.


Helping someone out of pain changes their whole outlook on life, and removal of pain is just the start of a patients recovery journey.


Dr Stacy Budlender  has completed studies in paediatrics, one of the most rewarding areas of her chiropractic practice. Helping a baby helps the whole family, a crying baby is ranked as one of the most stress producing situations.



Dr Stacy Budlender is committed to every patient being the best that they can be. She is focused on every patient getting the best results in the shortest amount of time possible, and is committed to each patient having a full recovery and knowing how to maintain the results they have achieved. Dr Stacy Budlender is committed to information and empowerment, believing that knowledge empowers us to take control of our lives – it enables us to make decisions for ourselves and our children confidently. Dr Stacy Budlender is committed to patients living lives without pain, headaches, poor sleep, poor posture, fatigue and irritability – to healthy people living happy and healthy lives, without limits placed on their potential.


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Our health is our greatest asset, yet the most taken for granted. I am committed to results, excellence and you.


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