COVID-19 Victorian Road To Recovery


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COVID-19 Victorian Road To Recovery

We Are Taking This Seriously

With the current concerns about COVID-19 we would like to reassure our clients that we are taking all possible measures to ensure the clinic is cleaner than ever before.

We are following all best practice measures to ensure we minimize any chances of transmitting the virus in our clinic.

1. We are cleaning rooms after every patient. This includes all patient surfaces, tables, handles, computers and taps.

2. We are cleaning the front desk after every patient contact.

3. We are continuing our regular high standard of cleanliness at more frequent intervals.

4. We are spacing patient appointments to ensure adequate time for extra cleaning and to ensure social distancing is easily maintained.

5. We are following all advice in regards to any staff member who is not feeling 100% not coming in to the clinic.

6. We are sanitising pens after each use.

7: We have a minimal touch eftpos system, which will be cleaned if any contact is made.

8: We are practicing safe social distancing in the waiting room and only one patient is allowed in the waiting room at a time. To ensure the ease of compliance with that, we are spacing appointments apart to ensure there is no crossover between patients.

9: If it comes to a point where it is un-safe for our staff or patients to continue we will move to online consultation and advice.

10) Anytime patient distance will be closer than 1.5m a face mask will be worn by our practitioners.

11) All new patient appointments will be via video for first consult.

12) All soft tissue appointments will be limited to 15min targeted treatment .

13) A clear guard has been installed on the reception desk


It is our priority to keep you safe and well during this time.